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What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions. It is necessary for businesses, no matter how small, to record their income and expenditure to enable them to know how well the business is doing, whether they are making a profit, what your cashflow is like and who owes the business money. Having up to date bookkeeping records allows you to see the health of your business at a glance.

It is also a legal requirement to maintain accurate records; all your invoices, bills, bank statements etc relating to the business must be kept for 5 years following the tax return deadline, in case HMRC decide to check your figures. Failing to keep accurate records can lead to a penalty from HMRC.

At GM Bookkeeping in Ellesmere Port, I can tailor a bookkeeping system to meet your requirements, as no one business is the same. If you are considering hiring a bookkeeper then see outsourcing for more information on the the benefits of hiring a bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping Services

GM Bookkeeping can provide any/all of the following services for the self employed and small businesses throughout Ellesmere Port, Wirral and Chester. If there is something in particular that you are struggling with and would like help with, then please do not hesitate to contact GM Bookkeeping for advice and a free quote.

Regular Bookkeeping

At GM Bookkeeping I can arrange for your paperwork to be processed on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Keeping your records up to date allows you to see how your business is growing and free up your time.

Maintainance of Books

I can record all financial transactions within your books, whether these be manual cashbooks, excel spreadsheets or computerised (I use VT Transaction+ software).

Bank Reconciliations

GM Bookkeeping will perform all bank reconciliations to ensure all financial transactions have been recorded within your books. This allows you to also be aware of your true bank figure which takes into account payments that may not have cleared. If you have an accountant, this saves your accountant from performing the reconciliation which will save you money.


Tired of seeing invoices in a carrier bag? or stacking up on your desk? GM Bookkeeping will file your invoices in order so that they are easily accessible and can be easily referred to in conjuction with your accounting records. If accountants receive your books and need to sift through so much paperwork to find what they are looking for, they will charge you more in fees.


Do you work all day and find it difficult finding the time to invoice your customers? When you have finished a job, send me a text and I can prepare your sales invoices whilst you are travelling to your next job. When you get home you will find the sales invoices ready in your inbox to forward to your customers, or I can send them for you.


GM Bookkeeping can help you with the calculation of your VAT return and ensuring that your your return is submitted on time to avoid HMRC penalties.

Unfortunately I'm unable to take on any more VAT registered businesses at this time.

Purchase Control

If you purchase goods on account then it is important that you keep track of all purchase invoices and payments that you make against invoices or statements. GM Bookkeeping can carry out this control for you and inform you of who you owe money to and which suppliers need paying.

Sales Control

If you sell goods on account, then you need to know who hows you money and how old their debts are so that you can chase for money. I can record all your sales and payments received so that this information is accurate. Keeping debtors low improves your cashflow.

Green Bookkeeping

If you would like to reduce the amount of paper that you have to keep, then you could consider Green Bookkeeping. I can scan and store all your invoices, bank statements etc onto the computer and store them in electronic form. More and more businesses now send invoices by email to save on postage, paper etc (I'm one of them) so your bookkeeping could be done the same.

Why contact me?

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